Seb Subscriptions: Strengthening Corporate Connections

"A Seb subscription offers a leading Australian property company the opportunity to strengthen client relationships, reward top-performing employees, and foster team cohesion, all while showcasing their commitment to sustainability and technological leadership."

Corporate Subscription
Dealflow, employee retention, teambuilding
June, 2023

Use Case: Enhancing Corporate Success with a Seb Subscription

  • Enhance client relationships with unique boating experiences
  • Foster team building through memorable group outings
  • Promote sustainability and green initiatives
  • Showcase technological leadership and innovation
  • Access to Sydney Harbour's beauty and attractions
  • Exclusive and limited availability for a prestigious offering
  • Flexible booking options to suit diverse corporate needs
  • High return on investment through deals won or talent acquisition

Imagine a leading Australian property company, listed on the ASX, looking for innovative ways to strengthen relationships with their clients, reward their hard-working employees, and build a cohesive team. They discover the potential of a Sydney Electric Boats (Seb) subscription and decide to invest in a Gold subscription for $30,000, allowing them to book the boats for approximately three events per month.

Senior people at this forward-thinking property company have a strong focus on sustainability, and they see Seb as an excellent opportunity to align with their green initiatives. The electric boats not only allow them to showcase their commitment to the environment but also demonstrate technological leadership in their industry.

By investing in a Seb subscription, this company can now offer a unique and memorable experience on Sydney Harbour, the world's largest natural harbour, to win over potential clients. The boat's sleek design, speed, and luxurious features make it the perfect setting to discuss potential deals and partnerships.

The company also uses the Seb subscription to reward its top-performing employees, offering them a chance to enjoy a day on the water with their families or friends. This incentive not only boosts morale but also helps the company retain valuable talent in a competitive job market.

Team-building events are another essential aspect of corporate success, and the Seb subscription provides an exciting and engaging way for the company's employees to bond. They can spend a day sailing on Sydney Harbour, participating in team-building exercises or simply enjoying the breathtaking views while getting to know one another better.

With such versatility, the $30,000 annual investment for the Gold subscription can easily be justified. The company can secure new deals, attract top talent, and build a stronger team, all while enjoying the exclusive benefits of Seb's electric boats. Additionally, the limited availability of subscriptions in the first two years makes this opportunity even more valuable for the company.

Overall, a Seb subscription offers this leading Australian property company a fantastic way to leverage the beauty and allure of Sydney Harbour while demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and technological leadership. It's a win-win for both the company and the environment.

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