Eco-Friendly Family Excursions on Sydney Harbour

Discover unforgettable family adventures on Sydney Harbour with a Seb subscription, offering eco-friendly, thrilling experiences and unique bonding opportunities.

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Family outings, friends and visitors
October, 2023

Use Case: The Adventurous Family's Sustainable Harbour Adventure

Imagine a vibrant, adventurous family fortunate enough to enjoy new experiences together. They're always on the lookout for innovative ways to explore their city, making lasting memories in the process.

One sunny Saturday in October, they embark on a memorable trip with their Seb subscription. Their electric hydrofoil boat glides smoothly across the water, like a magic carpet ride, taking them to the picturesque Taylor's Bay in Sydney Harbour. Here, they pick up a mooring ball and enjoy a refreshing swim followed by a lovely lunch onboard. The journey continues as they effortlessly whisk across the water to Balmain, where they indulge in an afternoon cocktail at a charming waterfront establishment. As the day comes to a close, they head back to Rushcutters Bay, basking in the beauty of the harbour.

With a Seb subscription, this family can experience:

  • Exciting, sustainable adventures: Seb's electric hydrofoil boats provide eco-friendly, thrilling experiences on the water, appealing to the family's sense of adventure and environmental consciousness.
  • Unique family bonding opportunities: Creating precious memories while experiencing the beauty of Sydney Harbour together.
  • Diverse outings: From visiting hidden gems like Taylor's Bay to dining and socialising at popular waterfront spots, Seb boats cater to a variety of family interests.
  • Flexible usage: Different subscription levels offer varying frequency of usage, providing the family with opportunities to explore the harbour throughout the year.
  • Cost-effective experiences: With subscriptions starting at $10,000 per year, a Seb subscription can provide a year's worth of unforgettable adventures for the cost of a typical overseas family holiday.

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