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The legendary Candela C-8 is coming to Sydney.
Experience the freedom of Sydney Harbour with our no-worries electric boat subscription.

“Candela is a boat that flies.”
“...revolutionary foiling machine”
“...the most premium flying electric boat in the world”
“Lightning Fast and Emissions-Free.”
“Tesla of the Sea.”

Experience Sustainable Boating Luxury

Embrace eco-friendly adventures on our foiling electric cruisers.

Watch her on the water

See the Candela C-8 fly

Experience the Future of Boating with Seb.

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Eco-friendly Luxury
Embrace sustainable cruising with the Candela C-8, offering smooth, silent, and emission-free rides.
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Hassle-free Subscription
Choose from Bronze, Silver, or Gold plans for unlimited access, including insurance, docking, and skipper.
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Cutting-Edge Technology
Discover the world's first production foiling electric boat, equipped with innovative design and autonomous tech.
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Flexible Booking
Easily book your desired time online, with advance bookings tailored to your subscription level.
Sydney Harbour Delights

Experience the beauty and luxury of a foiling electric boat.

Discover the breathtaking views and unforgettable moments as you sail through the iconic Sydney Harbour on our state-of-the-art vessel.
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Ultimate Comfort
Our boats offer unparalleled comfort and relaxation with spacious design, plush seating, and modern amenities, ensuring a memorable experience.
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Unmatched Scenery
As you glide along the sparkling waters, marvel at the stunning Sydney skyline, iconic landmarks, and picturesque bays that make Sydney Harbour truly exceptional.
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Revolutionising Electric Boating

Meet Candela C-8: sleek, fast, and eco-friendly for the modern boater.

Sleek carbon fiber design
Silent, smooth cruising
50 nautical mile range
Top Speed
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Gold Package
Charged annually
Unlimited Access
Priority Bookings
Holiday Availability
Exclusive Perks
* Subject to availability, see Terms & Conditions
Limited Supply
Paul Croughton Robb Report Editor

“High-speed cruising sans emissions.”

The Robb Report
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Less Consumption
Drastically reduced energy usage for a greener world.

Let the numbers do the talking.

Experience Candela's sustainable, eco-conscious innovation.