The Most Instagrammable Spots in Sydney Harbour to Visit with Your Electric Boat (1/2)

Explore Sydney Harbour's iconic landmarks aboard your eco-friendly electric boat. Capture stunning shots of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Circular Quay, Royal Botanic Garden, Darling Harbour, Watsons Bay, and Manly Beach. Use natural light, creative angles, and the serene ambience of your boat to enhance your Instagrammable adventure.

When it comes to picturesque views and breathtaking cityscapes, Sydney Harbour takes the cake. With its iconic landmarks, sparkling waters, and bustling lifestyle, it’s no surprise that it ranks among the most Instagrammable locations globally. Now, imagine experiencing this visual feast from the deck of your sleek, silent, and eco-friendly electric boat. Not only do you get to bask in the harbour's beauty, but you also get to do so in a uniquely stylish and sustainable way.

Why an Electric Boat is the Perfect Instagram Companion

Before we embark on our virtual Instagram journey around the harbour, let’s take a moment to appreciate our vessel of choice - the electric boat. The electric boat is a game-changer in maritime leisure. With its minimalistic yet luxurious design, it offers unparalleled comfort and convenience. Onboard a Sydney Electric Boats' Candela C-8 cruiser, you can sail smoothly and silently, unhindered by engine noise or fuel emissions.

Moreover, the electric boat isn't just a ride – it's part of the experience. Its high-tech, sleek design makes it an impressive subject for your photographs. Imagine a shot of the sun setting over the harbour, mirrored in your boat's glossy finish, or the joy in your companions' faces as they enjoy a smooth, serene ride. Every moment aboard the electric boat is an Instagrammable moment.

The Top Instagrammable Spots in Sydney Harbour (part 1)

Now that we've set sail, let's drop anchor at some of the most photogenic spots in Sydney Harbour:

Opera House

No trip to Sydney Harbour is complete without a visit to the iconic Sydney Opera House. This architectural marvel, with its sail-like shells and striking silhouette, is one of the most photographed buildings worldwide. But from your electric boat, you can capture it from unique angles unavailable to those on land. Consider a shot from the water level, with the Opera House reflected in the rippling waves, or a panorama that frames it against the Harbour Bridge and city skyline. Dawn and dusk, with their soft, colourful light, are perfect for capturing the Opera House's beauty.

Harbour Bridge

Continuing our journey, we come across another Sydney Harbour icon – the Harbour Bridge. Often lovingly referred to as the "Coathanger," this massive steel structure is an Instagrammer's delight. From your electric boat, you can photograph the bridge's grand arch stretching across the sky. Try capturing it from different perspectives and at different times of the day. At sunset, the bridge set against the fiery sky creates a stunning spectacle.

Circular Quay

Moving on, Circular Quay is the bustling heart of Sydney Harbour. From your electric boat, you can capture the lively atmosphere of this hub – ferries coming and going, people strolling along the promenade, and street artists entertaining the crowd. The city skyline, with its impressive array of skyscrapers, makes a captivating backdrop. No stopping here as this is the busiest spot in Sydney Harbour.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Adjacent to the bustling quay, the Royal Botanic Garden is a serene, green oasis. While the garden itself is a delight to explore, the views from the water add an extra layer of charm. Imagine a photo of your electric boat cruising past this lush, verdant landscape, with the city skyline rising behind – the perfect blend of nature and urban aesthetics.

Darling Harbour

Our next stop is Darling Harbour, a vibrant waterfront area known for its dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Take a snapshot of your electric boat set against the background of sparkling city lights reflected in the water, or capture a stunning night-time panorama of the harbour. Darling Harbour is particularly striking during events like the Vivid Sydney light festival, offering unique photo opportunities.

Watsons Bay

Steer your electric boat towards Watsons Bay, Sydney's oldest fishing village, and you’ll find an entirely different scenery. The quaint houses, leafy parks, and beautiful beaches make for an idyllic setting. Capture the contrast between your high-tech boat and the charming old-world vibe of the bay. And don’t forget to photograph the incredible view of the city skyline from The Gap, a nearby ocean cliff.

Manly Beach

Lastly, venture out a bit further to Manly Beach. Known for its laid-back surfer vibe, sandy beaches, and dramatic coastal views, Manly is worth the trip. The sight of your electric boat gliding over clear blue water against the backdrop of surfers catching waves is an Instagram moment not to be missed.

Tips for the Perfect Shot

Now that you know the best spots, here are a few tips to capture the perfect Instagram shot:

  • Use natural light: The best photos are usually taken in the early morning or late afternoon when the light is soft and golden.
  • Play with angles: Don’t just stick to the typical perspective. Try shooting from different angles for more dynamic and interesting photos.
  • Include people: Including your companions in the shots will add a personal touch and show the enjoyment of the moment.
  • Play with reflections: Use the reflective surface of the water or your boat to add an artistic touch to your photos.


Sydney Harbour and your electric boat from Sydney Electric Boats are a great combination for an Instagrammable adventure. You get to enjoy the serene comfort of sailing in an eco-friendly, stylish boat while soaking up some of the most spectacular views in the world. Whether you're a seasoned Instagrammer or just love capturing special moments, these spots in Sydney Harbour will give you photos that you will cherish forever. So what are you waiting for? Get out there, start exploring, and don’t forget to tag us in your stunning snaps!

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